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​   Stillwater Valley​ Ca​tering

2021 Individual Christmas Charcuteries

2021 Holiday Menu Ideas

Christmas Holiday Catering Ideas

For those concerned about current health risks we have created individual Christmas Themed box Charcuteries.  Individual packaging allows for safe holiday get togethers without any risk.

Individual Christmas Charcuteries

All Charcuteries $15.00 per guest

Holiday Meat & Cheese Box

• Salami

• Pepperoni

• Assorted Crackers

• Assorted Cheese Cubes

• Assorted Nuts

• Assorted Olives

• Bunch of Green Grapes

• Christmas Candy or Christmas Cookie

Holiday Slider Box

• Sliced Turkey Slider with Cranberry Mustard

• Mini Pineapple and Cheddar Cheese Cheeseball

• Assorted Crackers

• Assorted Nuts

• Fresh Apple Slices

• Raspberries

• Christmas Candy

Holiday Wrap Box

• Holiday Ham Wrap with Pomegranate Mayonnaise

• Mozzarella Pearls on Basil Leaf

• Assorted Cheese Cubes

• Assorted Crackers

• Assorted Nuts

• Christmas Cookies

Chocolate & Fruit Box

• Chocolate Candies

• Chocolate Cookies

• Blueberries

• Raspberries

• Red Grapes

All of our Charcuteries come in a Christmas Themed Box with tied Ribbon & Holiday Themed Napkins

Holiday Meat & Cheese Box Sample

Holiday Slider Box