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​   Stillwater Valley Ca​tering

Christmas Holiday Catering Ideas

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have created individual Christmas Themed box Charcuteries.  Individual packaging allows for safe holiday get togethers without the risk of spreading the virus.

Individual Christmas Charcuteries

All Charcuteries $10.00 per guest

Holiday Meat & Cheese Box

• Salami

• Summer Sausage

• Crackers and Bread

• Assorted Cheese Cubes

• Assorted Nuts

• Assorted Olives

• Bunch of Green Grapes

• Dried Apricot

• Christmas Candy or Christmas Cookie

Holiday Slider Box

• Sliced Turkey Slider with Cranberry Mustard

• Mini Pineapple and Cheddar Cheese Cheeseball

• Assorted Crackers

• Assorted Nuts

• Fresh Apple Slices

• Raspberries

• Christmas Candy or Christmas Cookie

Holiday Wrap Box

• Holiday Ham Wrap with Pomegranate Mayonnaise

• Mozzarella Pearls on Basil Leaf

• Assorted Hard Cheese

• Assorted Crackers

• Assorted Nuts

• Dried Pineapple

• Christmas Candy or Cookies

Chocolate & Fruit Box

• Chocolate Candies

• Chocolate Cookies

• Blueberries

• Raspberries

• Red Grapes

Holiday Breakfast Box

• Candied Bacon

• Egg Salad on Mini Croissant

• Cheese Cubes

• Donut Holes

• Fresh Blackberries

• Christmas Candy or Cookie

All of our Charcuteries come in a Christmas Themed Box with tied Ribbon & Holiday Themed Napkins